by Zero

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Recorded by Nick Giammarco.



released February 1, 2015



all rights reserved


United Voice Records Grand Forks, North Dakota

Independent Hardcore/Punk Label from Grand Forks, ND.

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Track Name: Giving In / No More
Giving In ;

you're killing me slowly but surely, there is no hurry, weighing me down, I can feel myself drown, grasping for air, with you I can't win, and that's how it's been, I'll never get my way, clear my mind, won't win this time, I'm not even going to play your stupid fucking game, I can feel myself break, grasping at the will to live, take a look at yourself, you're more likely to give in than to give, you can't change the past, what's done is done and you can't turn your back, won't take the blame, won't play your game.

No More ;

no more hate towards yourself, there's so much more that you can do with your time and your energy, you're talking shit but you ain't got no rhyme or reason for the things that you say, you talk about people but it's not your place, no reward for others, it's time that you learned to live with the loneliness that you earned in this cold cruel world, it's time for no more lies, it's time you try to relate, it's time you see with your eyes, it's time for no more hate, you discuss their business behind their backs and make up lies to try and cover up your tracks, not this time, no more lies.